Omni Whittington Insurance Services will manage the run-off of the UK branch of HIH Casualty and General Insurance (HIH C&G).

Last March, HIH Australia went into provisional liquidation. Its two Lloyd's syndicates, HIH Cotesworth 535 and 1688, failed to find new backers and went into run-off in September.

Its subsidiary, HIH C&G, which is based in the Company Market, operated a UK branch business from 1994 until 1999. It underwrote marine and non-marine insurance and reinsurance business - at its peak, its net premium income was £74m.

Tony McMahon, Tom Riddell and John Wardrop of KPMG were appointed as provisional liquidators to a number of companies in the HIH Group in March 2001.

KPMG has now selected Omni Whittington to manage the run-off. Omni Whittington Group provides a range of insurance services in the UK and the US.