I read with fascination of the Mobile Doctors' scheme (25 April, Insurance Times' Legal Report ) for facilitating dissemination of medical data and reports associated with personal injury claims via its website.

Given that the Pentagon was unable to stop hackers entering its files, I wonder if every claimant is being fully apprised of the fact that his most intimate medical records may be available on the web to a determined hacker, or indeed to any authorised user who might gain access to such a site.

If I had a personal injury claim, I, and I suspect the majority of the population, would be outraged to know that my medical details might be accessible on the web. Clearly full disclosure of any such scheme must be made to any claimant.

I would be interested to know if there is a single person in this country who would like his medical details to be transmitted in this way.

Dr Roger Norwich
Medico-Legal Consultancy

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