Groupama and Fortis confirmed this week that they may follow Halifax Bank of Scotland's (HBOS) lead and begin using lie detectors.

Last week, as exclusively revealed in Insurance Times, HBOS is to run a three-month pilot using Digilog's voice stress analysis system on its household lines.

Groupama technical claims director Michael Booth said: "Lie detectors are one of the tools we're considering."

Fortis claims director Alan Sendall said: "We have been investigating the use of voice stress analysis systems and been in contact with Digilog to gain a better understanding of their system."

But other major insurers have baulked at the idea of using lie detection technology.

Norwich Union customer service director Simon Machell said he was "very sceptical" about lie detectors.

"You may end up throwing out the wrong claims.

"There's no substitute for savvy claims handlers," Machell said.