A travel insurance company has warned that merry skiers are at risk of invalidating their insurance cover if they hit the slopes drunk. Research by InsureandGo has revealed that 11% of people who have skied or snow-boarded – an estimated 1.38 million people – have done so while under the influence.

The report revealed that around 154,000 skiers and snowboarders admitted to being very drunk, while of the people who admitted to being either sloshed or just overly happy, 19% said that they have had an accident while doing this; with 4% saying it caused a serious injury to themselves or someone else.

Perry Wilson, managing director of InsureandGo, said: “Being drunk on the slopes is dangerous, and if you injure yourself or somebody else as a result of this, you may invalidate your insurance cover. This could mean that as well as nursing broken bones, you may also have to pay for a hefty medical bill yourself.”