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IPRS is delighted to have won the Personal Injury Claims Service of the Year Award. IPRS is committed to helping its insurance clients make the cost benefits of rehabilitation a reality by providing access to cost effective intervention, rehabilitation and treatment programmes.

By offering and implementing the latest treatments and work-based, job-specific evaluation, with measured outcomes, IPRS is able to ensure the injured individuals will return to their pre-injured state in the shortest and safest possible time.

Their focused intervention and treatment programme is appropriate for both acute and chronic conditions, and the range of services include proactive and reactive rehabilitation in order to care and treat those suffering from soft tissue/orthopaedic (musculoskeletal) injuries, including whiplash.

This has a number of cost benefits, both human and financial, to all involved. The individual is returned to functional health, the employer has reduced absence costs and the potential to reduce their employers liability premiums. Insurers benefit from a managed intervention programme that identifies real need, acts speedily to manage claims and assists with the overall reduction of claims cost.

Highly commended

Allianz Cornhill

Allianz Cornhill recognises there will never be a single answer in balancing a quick, fair settlement of personal injury claims and the optimum control of costs. However, there are procedures and practices that can help.

In most cases, an early liability decision can be made and agreed, thus putting the third party's mind at rest and minimising legal costs.

The Allianz Cornhill 'claims start' initiative enables accidents to be reported by phone - and wherever our policyholder appears to be at fault, the company proactively contacts the third party to arrange anything from repair to physiotherapy.

Once this process is under way, cases are passed to specialist personal injury teams for further medical assessment and, where appropriate, proactive offer of further treatment to provide the shortest possible timescale during which recovery can commence.

Working with TICCS (The Injury Care Clinics) and Rehab-First, we achieve third party contact within one to two days and, as a result of this early intervention, expect a significant reduction in the level of damages.

Allianz Cornhill uses the specialist software, Colossus, to value personal injury damages and to provide a benchmark against which eventual settlements are measured. This helps reduce the variation in personal injury claims, gives the PI team confidence in negotiation and reduces the legal costs involved in lengthy exchanges.

Blakemores Solicitors

In 2003, Blakemores Solicitors took the unprecedented step of creating its own independent insurance arm, Perception.

Its creation stirred up much controversy in the insurance world, as it was the first indication of a law firm altering its business model to incorporate insurance services.

The objective behind Perception's formation was to enable Blakemores to improve its client care and service within its personal injury department.

The firm now provides insurance products, such as Before the Event and After the Event policies that are based upon ethical workable models.

By developing these products Blakemores is emerging as a market leader in personal injury claims handling due to its ability to control all aspects of a claim while remaining focused on the importance of the personal touch, recognising the need to remain accessible and encouraging communication with both clients and staff.

Supported by Blakemores ethos to ensure all-round excellence in the handing of personal injury claims, combining expertise and commitment to fast recovery, the law firm is in a position to offer an unrivalled service.

Blakemores personal injury claims service guarantees clients there will be no legal costs as a result of their claim and ensures that clients will receive 100% of their compensation.