Key rulings affecting the insurance industry are about to be deliveerd by the MoJ.

The insurance industry was still awaiting two key rulings from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) this week, on pleural plaques and the reform of the personal injury claims process.

MPs called for quicker action on pleural plaques. The government has promised to consult on whether victims of these symptomless growths on the lungs, caused by expose to asbestos, should be allowed to claim compensation.

Labour MP David Anderson said: “[Justice Minister] Bridget [Prentice] said it would be a 12-week consultation and we’ve asked for it to be shortened. We want to get results as quick as we can.”

MPs want to overturn the House of Lords’ ruling made in October that says victims of pleural plaques cannot claim compensation. The government plans to announce its decision by November in time for the Queen’s Speech.

An MoJ spokesman said: “We are listening carefully to representations about this and are actively exploring options on how people who have been exposed to asbestos, and developed pleural plaques, might be helped..”

On personal injury, as Insurance Times went to press, the spokesman said it would be published as soon as possible.