Backchat was back at Twickenham again on Saturday, this time with the main sponsors Lloyds TSB. Genial host was none other than keen Scot, John Spencer, head of the bank's branch network, who was riding high on the crushing Scots' victory last year that robbed England of the Grand Slam.

But he got the Sweaty Socks' excuses in early, and claimed that if England won by anything less than 40 points it would be a moral victory for the Scots. In the charity sweepstake that followed, Backchat took Spencer at his word and suggested a 40-point difference, which turned out to be an accurate prophecy.

After the match – and after ribbing kilt-clad guest Scott Hastings about the Scots' defeat – Backchat declined to take his winnings, leaving it all to the chosen charity of the day, Mencap. The Lloyds TSB guests managed to rustle up more than £1,300 for the charity.