Cover available for businesses with turnover up to £5m

Primary General has launched a new Contractors Policy, available exclusively via the Primary General Online Trading Platform to selected Brokers.

This follows the launch of its Tradesman policy towards the end of 2007.

The Contractors Policy is aimed at small to medium sized firms with a turnover up to £5million and includes a wide range of construction trades. The policy covers Contract Works, Employers’ Liability, Public and Products Liability, and various categories of Plant and Employees Tools & Effects.

Primary General Marketing Director Simon Taylor said: “Having a Contractors Policy to offer our brokers and their clients is a very important development for us. Utilising our Online platform it will allow our brokers far greater freedom, they will be able to incept, renew, and alter the policy as well as printing the documentation in their own office.”

The Contractors Policy is exclusive to selected brokers along with several other Primary General policies. Each enquiry will be personally handled by a designated underwriter and transacted online on a Statement of Fact basis.