Insurer launches campaign with aviation broker

QBE European Operation’s aviation insurance division and Towergate-owned Hayward Aviation Brokers have launched a joint safety campaign targeting private pilots.

The two firms have collaborated to produce a range of safety materials that together give private pilots a clear and comprehensive checklist for safety actions before they leave the ground.

The campaign will launch with the joint sponsorship of a pilot’s companion, a guide to developing flying skills entitled Clearer Horizons, which sets out to encourage pilots to broaden their experience, and gives guidance as to how to achieve this safely.

In addition a quick reference ‘air safety card’ has been produced, with a shortlist of actions that every pilot should take at the start of a flight.

Emilio di Silvio, managing director of the aviation division for QBE European Operations, said: “As one of the leading private pilot insurers in the UK, pilot safety is obviously something that we take incredibly seriously. While commercial pilots are supported by huge teams and continuous training programmes, private pilots are left with less support in terms of maintaining safety awareness. We hope this campaign goes someway towards redressing that.”

Guy Holland-Bosworth, director of Hayward Aviation, added: “We have worked closely with the team at QBE for a number of years and it seemed natural to us to partner with them on this important campaign. We constantly see the need for better support for private pilots in the area of safety awareness, and we’re commited to the safety focus of this campaign and what it means to pilots in the private sector.”