Company to target UK customer base from Cork office

Quinn insurance has confirmed it is to create 500 new jobs in Cork, Ireland, which Mary Coughlan, Tanaiste (deputy prime minister) and minister for enterprise trade and employment, opened yesterday. The company expects to target growth in the UK.

Located in East Gate Business Park in Little Island, Quinn has invested €25m in the new facility. The company said: “It provides the capacity to continue to grow all of its businesses in Ireland and particularly the UK.”

The office will also serve Munster local service customers.

Colin Morgan, chief executive said: “We are very pleased to announce the opening of our new Cork Office. We remain very optimistic about the opportunities for our business to continue to grow. Since acquiring the Bupa business last year we have had operations in the Munster area and have been very impressed with the quality of our staff here and therefore decided to increase our presence in the area. As well as providing a platform to grow and manage our insurance business in the Munster area we plan to use this new office to accommodate the growth in our general and health insurance business in Ireland and our very successful UK business.”

Quinn employs almost 3,000 people (2,800 in Ireland) with 300 new positions having been created in the past year. It has 1.25 million customers in Ireland and the UK, which has increased by 70,000 in the past 12 months, the company said.