Fancy having your Fiat Panda converted into a roaring, music-blasting monster?

Judging from the popularity of MTV's

Pimp my Ride TV show, many do. But as one reader told Backchat, the insurance industry might be throwing the spanner in the works of these fuel-hungry beasts.

For those who not familiar with the programme, old cars in serious need of TLC, owned by teenagers or early 20-somethings, get to benefit from the 'pimp treatment' after submitting their sorry state car story to MTV.

In return the car is completely overhauled with the latest gadgets, sound and movie equipment, a cool paint job and other expensive bits of kit, all worth thousands of pounds.

But here's the problem, says the reader: insurers seem to class even the slightest change to the standard car manufacturers' specifications as a 'modification' and a material fact, which must be disclosed.

Are these young drivers' rides actually insured after the TV makeover and if so by whom? Answers on a postcard please...