In your article, 'FSA goes on the road to explain' (10 April, Insurance Times) you mention the FSA is to establish a contact centre once the rules are in place and the process of applying for compliance had begun. Why has it not done this now?

Last week, I called the FSA consumer help line asking if it could tell me where I could find a copy of the insurance mediation directive.

The response was: "What's that, is it a company?"

I could not believe that someone working for the FSA handling consumer queries did not know what the IMD is. I followed this up with an email to consumer help at FSA on Monday of this week, I have had no response.

I then emailed inquiries at GISC the same question regarding the IMD. I received a response email yesterday from GISC general manager Branko Bjelobaba.

He wrote: "We do not have a specific reference for this at the present time, although searching the FSA's or the EU Commission's website may assist".

This has made a small dent in my opinion of the FSA and GISC. Is the industry ready for regulation? Are the regulatory boards ready? This is a more worrying question.

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