Insurer said its integrated e-trading offering will help brokers to trade more efficiently

RSA is set to join the Open GI panel in September in a bid to make its SME products more widely available to brokers.

This will allow brokers to have access to RSA’s products across all four main software houses, including Acturis, SSP and Applied, as well as the insurer’s extranet site RSA Online.

RSA SME trading director David Swigiciski said the move had been prompted by the insurer’s desire to take advantage of the growing SME sector and become a top three player in the market.

Swigiciski said SME customers’ needs are becoming more complex and the insurer wanted to help its brokers to trade with them more efficiently online.

“SME customers have relatively complex risks, so supporting the intermediated market is really important,” he said. “We see that this market will become more commoditised so we want to check the technology is efficient as possible.”

RSA said the integration of its systems will enable the insurer to respond more quickly to referrals and will give them better visibility of the broker’s account.

But the insurer added it was still committed to developing its extranet for brokers who did not trade on the software houses.

For brokers that commit to placing a deal with the insurer, RSA can also offer brokers bespoke branded wordings, as well as digital and business support to grow their business.

Swigiciski said: “We have seen a dynamic where more and more products are going direct to market. We think it is the right thing to provide our products on software house, to enable brokers to provide the right level of advice and support to their customer and trade as efficiently as possible with their insurer.”