More Th>n Drive app to launch next month with telematics product to follow

RSA is launching a telematics app that will offer potential customers a 20% discount if they can demonstrate good driving.

The app, More Th>n Drive, will be available on Android and iPhones from 20 January.

Potential customers and existing policyholders looking to renew their policies must drive with the app on their phone for 200 miles. At the end of that period, they will receive a code to give them a discount of up to 20% on an existing quote.

RSA hopes the app will help it win the business of better drivers, who it believes are more likely to download the app.

More Th>n Drive will also feature a league for drivers to compare their driving to friends and other drivers in the area and win badges they can show on Facebook.

“If we put a bit of fun and competition aspect, it will motivate people to drive better,” RSA global telematics director Kenny Leitch said. “I think we’ve got a really good scoring system.”

On the iPhone the app will save battery life by automatically turning on and off at the beginning and end of each journey.

RSA’s app is very similar to the Aviva Drive app that won the Insurer Innovation of the Year category at the Insurance Times Awards earlier this month. RSA’s app was developed by Wunelli.

The Aviva app has been downloaded more than 300,000 times since its launch in November last year and also works on the basis of offering a discount of up to 20% based on a driver’s performance over 200 miles.

Aviva said that three out of four drivers using the app had qualified for some kind of discount.

Its rating system scores a driver out of 10 based on their acceleration, braking and cornering, with the average score to date being slightly more than six out of 10.

More Th>n telematics

RSA also plans to launch a standalone telematics policy using black box technology with its More Th>n brand in the second quarter of the year.

It will remain on the panel for Ingenie, which focuses on young drivers. Leitch said: “Working with Ingenie has given us a huge amount of insight. We continue to do business with them successfully.”