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We are delighted to have been highly commended for Insurance Times' Service Provider of the Year award 2004.

Brownsword provides a variety of services in a number of insurance market sectors including motor, household and travel claims, and our entry focused on our partnership with Digilog's Advanced Validation Solution, incorporating Voice-Risk Analysis software.

We take immense pride in enabling the insurance industry to come to terms with the sensitivities surrounding new fraud detection techniques and strategies.

It is encouraging that so many insurers share our interest in a single innovative service, which fast-tracks genuine claims and swiftly identifies high-risk cases.

A very high percentage of claims are withdrawn, while settlement decisions can be taken in minutes for non-suspicious claims thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

Now, as part of Capita Insurance Services the Brownsword/Digilog partnership continues to evolve and develop to the benefit of both customers and the insurance industry.

Drive Assist UK

We are delighted to be highly commended for the Insurance Times Service Provider of the Year award.

Our mission is to be the leading supplier of short-term replacement vehicles, by providing an unrivalled quality in accident advice and support.

Drive Assist has continued to grow year-on-year, and this year has been no exception. This has been achieved through our strong understanding of the market, our willingness to support relevant initiatives and innovative product development.

In the last 12 months, Drive Assist has developed three services to maximise the company's profitability and to improve its offer to insurers and brokers.

Our strategy is to continue developing exciting new products and services to be pro-active in our marketplace, to be customer focused and to be ethical in all business practices.

This award has given us all the encouragement that there are more exciting times ahead.

Tracker Network

We are very pleased to have been highly commended in Insurance Times' Service Provider of the Year award.

Tracker's entry for this award was based on sustained support for the UK insurance industry over a period of 11 years, during which our market leading technology has led to more than 12,000 stolen vehicle recoveries with an estimated value of £225m.

In addition to these successes, and as market leaders in stolen vehicle recovery technology, it has been Tracker's aim to offer an unrivalled service to insurers, brokers, sales outlets and installation centres.

In recognition of the importance of client relationships, Tracker Network has maintained a secure financial base to give the motor insurance industry confidence in recommending Tracker products to clients.

We congratulate the winner of the Service Provider of the Year award, and look forward to a further year of success in supporting the motor insurance industry.

Insurance Compliance Services

We are proud to be highly commended in this category. ICS is a compliance solutions company that helps intermediaries with all aspects of FSA regulation.

Since launch, we have helped hundreds of brokers to become compliant in time for the 2005 deadline. And, in the past year, our efforts have made a big difference to a variety of secondary intermediaries, particularly motor dealers

It was vital for all of these companies to stay focussed on their core business areas, while completing the taxing compliance process.

ICS made this possible through the use of products and services created for each specific industry. These streamlined the procedures at a price that ensured clients were not deterred from becoming compliant. It was through this approach that we have been recognised in these awards.