Arguably the most annoying insurance commercial on TV, that of women-only insurer Sheila's Wheels, has had its comeuppance with a pop duo doing a brilliant parody of the ad's tedious jingle.

The duo of Adam Kay and Suman Biswas, who go by the name of Amateur Transplants, have done their own version of Sheila's Wheels, suitably titled Never Let a Woman Drive.

Last year the group, who are actually doctors, brought us London Underground, a reworking of The Jam classic, in the face of the Tube strikes, and have recently been wooing audiences at the Edinburgh Fringe.

The lines of their latest effort are inspired: "When a girl is sitting behind the wheel/

You are going to hear the crash of steel/

There is a real danger/She will crash into a stranger/If you want to leave the car alive/

Never let a woman drive."

And Backchat's favourite: "If you ever let a bird reverse/You are going to end up in a hearse."

Sheila's Wheels is relaxed about the whole deal. A spokesman says: "We are not so po-faced that we cannot see the amusing side. And, of course, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery." But Sheila's Wheels will never seem the same again.