It's summer time and what does that mean? Yes, crazy bits of insurance trivia - this time courtesy of Barclays. Almost half of women in the UK (46%) admit to needing an extra bag to carry their excess shopping home from holiday. Now there's a surprise.

And while men are likely to fill their suitcases with technical gadgets, it doesn't take a genius to guess what's taking up the space in women's bags.

Yes, you're right. Shoes.

Research from Barclays General Insurance revealed this predictable titbit of information and urged shoppers to be aware of the value of their suitcases in the event that they are lost. According to the research, the average cost of a woman's suitcase comes in at £1,307 - that's £300 more than the value of a man's. Nasty if you're uninsured.

But we can't help wondering at Backchat - don't Barclays know it's rude to look in a lady's bag?