What have Stephen Spielberg and Biker's Legal Defence (BLD) got in common? Not a lot, we hear you cry.

But it seems BLD's Martin Straffon before reaching the heady heights of hiring and repairing motorcycles, once had a career in film. He was an extra in a number of blockbusters such as The Fourth Protocol with Michael Caine and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.

Straffon says: "In the scene where Indy meets Adolf Hilter I was a German soldier standing on guard. The helmet I wore had the markings on the wrong side, which I had chosen deliberately so I might be able to pick myself when showing off to friends.

"Spielberg walked past me and then stopped. He remarked that the markings were on the wrong side. I told him why I had chosen it, and he smiled and said he would try and keep me off the editing floor."

BLD is also renowned for its action-packed corporate days where guests get to ride quads and crush cars with Chieftain tanks.

"The last one was won by ex-DAS executive Tony Buss who crushed a small hatchback into pulp," says Straffon.

Backchat thinks many of Buss's ex-colleagues at DAS would have preferred it the other way round.