Last week, Britain's Worst Driver demonstrated just how appalling the contenders for the title are. This week, hold onto your seats as they face their first challenges. Co-ordination, concentration, spatial awareness, reversing, and the basic ability to control a car are skills that most of us take for granted, but somehow elude these hopeless cases. Watch their tears and laughter as they compete to improve to stand a chance of walking away with a Rover, Jimni, KA, Lada or even an MG-f. Just who gets what... is Quentin's choice. One of the show's judges Cox Insurance CEO Neil Utley says: "You'll see some genuine improvements, but it is scary to think these people have actually passed their driving tests. Collectively, they have had over 60 accidents and sitting in the back seat was an eye opener."

Now you've met them all, don't forget to enter our competition by 5pm, 25 October, with your educated guess as to whom you think will be crowned Britain's Worst.

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