ABI submission

The ABI will submit its response to the Treasury's consultation on insurance mediation tomorrow.

An ABI spokesman said its strongest theme would be the inclusion of travel insurance in statutory regulation.

Asbestos seminar

Alliance Insurance Management will hold an AXA-sponsored conference on asbestos risk management. The conference will be held at the Novotel London Euston on 26 March.

Ombudsman fight

The Institute of Insurance Brokers (IIB) says it will quash a proposal brokers to come under the Financial Ombudsman Service, as it did the GISC through the Competition Commission tribunal. The Treasury proposed in its consultation paper on intermediation that brokers are subject to the Financial Ombudsman Service. But IIB director general Andrew Paddick said he would seek a "judicial review" if the recommendation was adopted.

Claim foiled

CMA loss adjusters foiled a £3,000 claim using cognitive interviewing learned from VFM Services, who lectured at Insurance Times' Strategy 2002 conference.

A claimant attempted to obtain £3,400 inappropriately from a contractor, for alleged damage to his curtains and carpets.

He offered no invoice from the supplier for either furnishings. CMA found that the claimant lived in a new property and therefore did not need to replace his carpets. He had claimed on his household insurance in 2000 for carpet damage and was paid £740 - a substantial reduction.

ABI, TUC strategy

The ABI and TUC have appealed for a national strategy for rehabilitation.

Despite good intentions, rehabilitation has failed to take off. Delays in treatment, lack of resources and a disjointed approach have put the UK behind most other industrialised nations in the help it provides to sick workers, the two bodies said.