Ratings guide out
The first issue of Inside View, a series of guides on insurance ratings, has been published by Standard & Poor's. The guide examines the influence that different markets and sectors have on ratings.

Gresham buy
Lloyd's broker Gresham Insurance Brokers has acquired the ongoing business of specialist property-underwriter UKI Commercial Underwriting.

Biba signs up FUA
Biba has signed up Folgate Underwriting Agency (FUA) to give its members a personal accident and sickness scheme. FUA underwrites the scheme on behalf of AXA Insurance UK.

Asbestos truct fund
A proposed $108bn (£66bn) trust fund in the US to pay asbestos injury claims could threaten existing settlement deals, according to lawyers for asbestos victims. The trust would be used to pay asbestos victims over the next 25 years. The trust is intended to stop a flood of asbestos-related lawsuits that studies say could end up costing more than $200bn (£122bn).