Michael Faulkner asked the question: "Are broker chains the weakest link?" (8 May, Insurance Times).

While we agree with the concerns about long chains with no terms of business in place and obscured insurers, it's important to remember that not all chains are creatures of the hard market filling the vacuum left by traditional insurers.

For more than a decade The Davis Group's wholesale divisions have majored on freight, transport and marine, reinforced by an absolute understanding of brokers and their needs. Sub-broking has an important part to play at every stage of the market cycle.

Sub-broking works when it is entrusted to those with experience and a genuine understanding of their market sector. This translates into vital market access for the supporting broker and better terms for their clients.

Our terms of business, our website and clearly identifiable insurers are evidence of our commitment. They have certainly contributed to us being a first point of reference, rather than a last port of call for many brokers.

When placing business, brokers must do their research and use a provider with a brand they can trust.

Anthony Lees
The Davis Group

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