Brokers find it hard enough to do their job these days, what with regulatory compliance and endless reams of paper work.

But, it seems a certain number of potential insurance customers are testing brokers' withered patience and resolve to the limit.

According to new research carried out by RBS Finsure, the concept of insurance has passed some members of the public completely by.

Unusual questions that have been posed to brokers include: Can I claim loss of profit if I don't make any? Do you have to own the item to insure it? And: Does fire and theft mean my car has to be both stolen and set ablaze?

If that wasn't enough to clog up the paper pile, some brokers have even been asked to get quotes on wacky items such as breast implants, four tonnes of jelly and even a stone called Michael.

Backchat is glad to see that the endless stream of insurance advertisements, on TV, in magazines or plastered on the side of a bus, are successfully producing a well-educated nation of insurance buyers.