Peter Blanc, managing director of FMW has a great sense of humour – he tells a good joke and loves Kylie Minogue

What newspaper do you read?
Daily Telegraph

What career did you want to have when you were a child?
Vet, then doctor

What was the worst business decision you have ever made?
I agreed to pay an estate agent a 1.95% fee and he sold my house to the first viewer two days later

What do you like best about insurance?
Sorting disputes and building bridges

What would you do tomorrow if you left the insurance industry?
Take up law – same issues for more money

How do you relax if you do not play golf?
I do play golf! Plus squash and tennis.

What is the biggest insurance claim you have ever made?
My first home was burgled – RSA paid out promptly and fairly so I've been a fan ever since

Who do you most admire?
Kylie Minogue

Do you have an unfulfilled ambition?
To play golf off scratch while dating Kylie

On dress down Friday, what do you wear?
We have dress down Mondays, but I meet clients most days so I usually wear a suit

How many people have you sacked?
None – we have great staff and I have a great deputy

What is your favourite quote?
John Ruskin: “It is unwise to pay too much but it is worse to pay too little etc”

What is your most over-used phrase?
“I'm stuck on the M25”

What keeps you awake at night?
My one year old son – regularly

What advice would you give someone starting in insurance today?
Don't jump from company to company – try to change your chosen company from within – you'll get further faster

What was your first job?
Trainee with Legal & General – I've been with FMW ever since.

Where did you grow up?
Colchester, Essex and Sheringham, Norfolk

What was your education?
Colchester Royal Grammar School

What is your favourite film?
Planes, Trains and Automobiles

What is your favourite book?
Hemingway's “The Garden Of Eden”

What is your favourite tea?
Yorkshire Tea

What is your favourite joke?
A white horse walks into a pub and asks for a beer. The landlord says: “We've got a drink named after you!” to which the horse replies: “There's a drink called Eric?”

How often do you use public transport?
Every time I go to London (about twice a month)

Who do you vote for?
See "What newspaper do you read?" and guess!

How did you vote in the last election?
As above

Are you in favour of the Euro? Yes/No?
No - common taxation would follow which would be disastrous.