Are you techno savvy, a corner shop or an old-style pro?

According to Norwich Union (NU), brokers fall into one of four stereotypes. It surveyed 400 brokers and discovered that about a third are "techno savvy" brokers, who believe that their future lies in exploiting the potential of the internet.

Just over a quarter were described as "corner shops" - smaller companies that like to maintain the personal touch and independence. And 20% were listed as commercial insurance-focused "old style pros" who are counting on client loyalty for their future security.

The most pessimistic group, at 23% of those surveyed, were the "fading families".

NU said these family-run businesses were feeling threatened by large retailers, government regulations and the contraction of the industry.

The survey found that those who sell commercial insurance feel less susceptible to competition and are more likely to be expanding their businesses in the coming year.

NU said that while overall concerns about competition were increasing, the fear of FSA regulation had fallen.

NU intermediary business director Ken Wallace said: "In the main, brokers are showing a positive outlook, with more than 80% saying they are optimistic about the future, though personal insurance brokers are less so than their commercial counterparts."