As predicted, the technological revolution is here and businesses across the country are gearing up for strategic investments in information technology - whether this is a £245m spree of Barclays Bank proportions or £600 set aside for a new PC.

Despite the hype, not everyone has confidence in the new insurance world made up of internets, intranets, extranets and portals. But the developments can't be ignored forever, especially as there are an estimated 400 million internet users worldwide, accessing one billion webpages.

IT2 Technology aims to dispel some of the myths, particularly those surrounding broker quotation systems, and offer analysis of hot new topics such as electronic customer relationship management, digital signing and online training.

It also looks at the emergence of new risks associated with technology, recruitment problems and how small-to-medium-sized companies can cash in on the benefits without breaking the bank.

The London Market Principles regarding technology also come under the spotlight as the market begins to recognise the phenomenal potential of using technology to revolutionise the business.

With a two-page glossary of technology terms and a 11-page survey on the major software houses and internet providers, this supplement should offer something for everyone - whether you're a technological wizard or someone that hopes for the best when you switch on your computer in the morning.

Alison Boyle