The IIB and Biba are working together to develop a set of industry standard FSA compliance templates.

The templates will cover appointed representative (AR) agreements, terms of business (TOB) agreements and client account trust deeds.

IIB director general Andrew Paddick said: "We are in talks with Biba to produce templates to cover the major generic issues. We would like to see them become the industry standard that the FSA will recognise."

He stressed that the templates should not be viewed by brokers as a panacea: "Nobody should think that they can get a template and be compliant. Every company is different and they still need guidance. That is why we are running compliance workshops - another round is starting in November."

Paddick said that the templates would be completed by autumn 2004. "We need to see the final rules before we can finalise the templates. But as they will not be needed for the application stage we have the whole of 2004 to dot the i's and cross the t's."

Paddick also said that the IIB would be talking to the ABI about agency agreements.

Biba regulatory working party chairman Chris Arter confirmed that Biba was working with the IIB on a number of standard templates. It is also working on an FSA guide for its members.