Make sure you are up-to-date on household cover, says Julian Hall

This week's questions are from the AXA Campus course Household Insurance - Introduction.

This course is of benefit to anyone who is new to household insurance and anyone seeking to refresh their understanding of it.

The objectives of the course are to provide a basic knowledge of the types of household insurance available and the scope of a typical household insurance policy. The course includes material on:

  • Buildings - basic cover, additional cover and sums insured
  • Contents - basic cover, additional cover, all risks cover and sums insured
  • Accidental damage cover
  • Index linking
  • General conditions.
  • By using AXA Campus, broker compliance/training manager's are able to plan, monitor and manage training and competence within their organisation.

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    1 Which part of an insurance policy contains a detailed account of the extent of cover?

    B The operative clause.

    2 A standard all risks policy covers all perils insurable under a standard fire and special perils policy and:

    A Accidental damage.

    3 Which factor is usually the most crucial when an underwriter is determining whether or not to accept professional indemnity business?

    B Claims history.

    4 If a policy has a loss ratio of 103%, how much is paid out in claims by insurers for every £100 of premium received?

    D £103.

    5 XYZ Insurance Company wants to protect its fire insurance account against the impact of large one-off losses. What form of reinsurance should it purchase?

    A Excess of loss.

    AXA Campus is an ideal learning tool, as it also incorporates tailored versions of CII ed LEARN and ed ASSESS (AXA ed). This relationship provides a natural fit between the soft and technical learning material of AXA Campus and the qualification and compliance aspects of AXA ed.

    ' Julian Hall is extranet manager at AXA Insurance