London premises consolidated in Leadenhall street.

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THB has unveiled over 16,000 square feet of additional office space at its London base at Leadenhall Street.

THB, which acquired reinsurance broker PWS in January, began its space expansion and refurbishment programme in October 2007 in order to accommodate its growth strategy.

In the same month, it announced it was establishing a separate underwriting agency, Unicorn.

All PWS broking teams based in London have moved into THB’s Leadenhall Street office, transferring from their previous location at the Minories.

John Preston, Director of Group Operations at THB, said: “The expansion of our London office, just a stone’s throw from Lloyd’s, was a priority for the Group to support our ambitious growth plans. When we were planning the acquisition of PWS we knew that effective integration was essential for the deal to deliver maximum value.

"The office move represents just one element of our integration strategy, but is an important milestone nevertheless.”