I am desolated to read that, in common with other brokers, we ask "all sorts of spurious questions" when proving a car insurance quote, like "the nature of your employer's business" (10 October, Insurance Times).

I had no idea that there was no difference between a doorman at a City bank and at a nightclub.

I am also woefully ignorant as to how we can avoid asking the question since the field on our Cheshire Datasystems quotation system requires mandatory completion.

And it is an ABI standard question - oh, I suppose we could just enter "bank" for everyone.

I am also at a loss to understand how we can reduce our average call times by 10% "simply by asking the right questions in the right sequence", while at the same time inputting the data into our quotation system in the order that it requires.

We would love to reduce our average call time by "up to 25%" (doubtless GISC would have no objection to our dropping much of our gobbledygook) and to save our share of the "£25m (wasted) every year".

Clearly we are desperately in need of some serious consultancy.

G Foster Taylor
Senior partner
Taylor Price & Co

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