The lengths some people will go to attract the attention of fine art underwriters.

Well-respected American lawyers, Owen Carragher and Peter Rossi, together with specialist fine art claims handlers Gregory Smith and Richard Mancuso, threw off their professional shackles to charm fine art underwriters at last week's International Underwriters Association (IUA) market briefing.

In front of a bemused, if not slightly embarrassed, audience, the four gentlemen, plus an ensemble cast, acted out a sketch of an error-strewn arts claim involving a $2.4m painting - the Willie Wonka Chocolate Doodad. (Oh dear- Ed)

The unashamed professionals seemed to be reliving their amateur dramatics days. But how much the audience learned during the 10-minute farce is anyone's guess. Judging by a few early exits, Backchat advises the lecturers to either rethink their presentation tactics or sharpen their acting skills.