What we wear says a lot about our personality and our mood, according to a leading UK psychologist, and likewise what we drive expresses how we want to be seen by others.

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to Backchat readers to learn then that what we drive also reveals a lot about the type of pants we wear.

According to a new survey commissioned by Budget Car Insurance, a smart car equals smart pants, while a sporty car equals the best in snug-styled sporty pants.

The most revealing of the lot, however, are the open top drivers, who apparently like to feel the breeze in more than just their hair.

Budget’s research has uncovered that those women most likely to go commando drive convertibles while for men, executive car drivers and 4x4 drivers are the most likely to drive pants-free.

The idea that a ‘buff’ car reflects a ‘buff’ image, certainly does take on a whole new meaning.