Race day for journalists was a seroius challenge

Assorted insurance hacks took on RSA for some high octane track racing at Bedford Aerodrome this week and, as expected, competition was intense.

Unfortunately, seated at the sharp end of cars 10 times more powerful than their own brought down the red mist for some.

Crossing the line in her first lap in a Caterham 7, one woman from the RSA press team had her instructor waving his arms maniacally and clutching his head in fright.

The double pirouette on to the grass during the following lap confirmed his fears.

Even Backchat was a little too eager to tread on the loud pedal. On his first corner in the scarily fast Formula Jaguar track car – think F1 turned down a little – he managed a 1800 spin into oncoming traffic and a black flag to match.

But who needs to drive fast to be a winner? RSA’s fraud guru and Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) chairman John Beadle beat almost 50 other contenders in the Land Rover Discovery challenge – an off-road race with an average speed of 4mph (well, perhaps a little faster). A sign of steady progress to come at the IFB, then?