I write in response to an article (Backchat, 14 April) under the heading "Alliance error".

While your comments help to correct the error in the CII study book, they omit the more important point that Unitas is not a network and has never purported to be a network.

Unitas is an alliance and builds on the dynamism and entrepreneurial skills of its members - the opposite of a network.

Unitas is:

  • An alliance of respected independent professional brokers who share common values and standards
  • A collective body of like-minded people devoted to improving standards and profitability in their businesses
  • A group of unique, innovative, dynamic companies helping each other and working in partnership with their suppliers
  • An effective discussion forum
  • An alliance of leaders
  • The only alliance with full UK representation
  • A body involved in every risk area within the UK market.
  • Network members by comparison buy into a common set of disciplines and rely on guidance and support from a central point.

    Hopefully, this will make the distinction clearer to your readers. I shall be contacting CII asking it to amend its study book.

    Les Jackson
    Chief executive
    Unitas Alliance