The UK was hit by air travel chaos last Friday when air traffic control problems resulted in delays and cancellations.

However, even though many businesses were affected, it may be difficult to claim under their business interruption (BI) policies, experts have warned.

The problems stemmed from the air traffic control centre in Swanwick, Hampshire, and were said to have been caused by a computer "glitch".

Luton Airport spokesman Ian Briggs explained that the situation was especially severe because when operations were resuming at Swanwick, new problems occurred in Brussels.

Because two separate centres suffered problems on the same day, possible claims for business interruption could be unusually high.

However, Deloitte & Touche senior manager Heather Parkinson warned: "For payment to be made for losses of profit under the standard BI policy, damage must have been caused to the insured's own property by an insured peril."