Survey finds customers frustrated with internet sales

Frustrations over using the internet are causing consumers to turn to traditional methods of buying insurance.

A survey by quote finder found that nearly half (47%) of consumers who had used the internet to buy insurance found the process annoying or difficult.

Frustrations included expense - 55% said that insurance over the internet was not a cheap as expected - security concerns (44%) and hassle (22%). Twenty two per cent complained of the lack of human interaction when using the internet.

The survey also found that consumers are turning to the telephone and to high street brokers to buy their motor insurance, rather than relying on the internet. It found that 40% of respondents said they bought insurance over the telephone, while 15% purchased through a high street broker. Although 26% did research on the internet, they then opted for another method to make the purchase. Only 19% bought directly over the web. marketing manager Andrew Dunkerley said: "Nearly half of those we surveyed believe the internet should make buying motor insurance easier and that many still use traditional means such as the telephone or high street broker."