Broker alliance Westinsure has not ruled out setting up a base in Scotland after signing its first member north of the border.

Paisley-based broker Munro & Sons takes Westinsure's membership total to 60, with 75 bases across the UK.

Bob Parkins, managing director of Westinsure, said it would now consider establishing a hub to service members in Scotland. But he said it would not be a priority.

"When we get a sufficient number of Scottish members we will consider opening a hub," said Parkins.

He added: "We were told by insurers that brokers in Scotland were not being given the opportunity to join an alliance because of a lack of a presence. For now, our business development manager will be responsible for recruiting and servicing members across the North.

Since March 2005, Westinsure has doubled in size from a £70m gross written premium (GWP) to £140m, targeting brokers with a GWP of between £500k and £8m.

The aim is to achieve £150m GWP this year which, said Parkins, would be reached "comfortably".

"We have another 10 brokers who have shown an interest in our model," he said.

"We have found that it is also in the interest of insurers to keep small brokers alive to help the breadth of distribution.

' Westinsure has signed a two-year uninsured loss recovery (ULR) deal with legal expenses insurer, MSL. It will give MSL access to 100,000 motorists across the UK.