Guy Browning takes a sideways look at insurance

D is for . . .

Death benefit - Peace and quiet

Debenture - A young, not very bright lady who is working in the office because her daddy owns the company

Debit note - An invitation to the Debenture to come for a drink after work

Declinature - When the Debenture says no

Decreasing term assurance - Increasing worry that Debenture has told her daddy about you

Demutualisation - Divorce

Deposit premium - Fatal attraction of pigeons to clean cars

Depreciation - What happens in your annual appraisal

Direct Reinsurer - Reinsurance broker with fantastically bad manners

Dread disease cover -Condom

Due date - The time at which your date is supposed to have met you, but didn't

Duty of disclosure -Your moral duty to point out to someone that they have tucked their skirt into their knickers