Is there anybody out there who can advise when and where motor vehicles are required to have Road Traffic Act (RTA) cover?

While in the main there is no doubt that RTA cover is required, there seem to be more and more circumstances when it is not clear if clients should arrange RTA cover.

Some examples as to when confusion arises are:

  • Vehicles used in private car parks, to which members of the public have access
  • Vehicles (such as sit on mowers, greens vehicles) used on golf courses
  • Farm vehicles used only on the farmer's land over which there is a public footpath or right of way
  • Unadopted/private roads
  • Privately owned land but to which the public has access
  • Despite intense investigation with the legal profession, insurers, police and licensing authorities, in addition to studying the RTA in great detail, no one will give a definitive answer.

    RTA cover is one of only two compulsory main insurance covers required, yet we seem to be unable to advise when it is required.

    Perhaps the answer is for insurers to provide contingency RTA cover as an extension to the public liability section of a policy where a vehicle is not required to be licensed for road use.

    JE Leak
    Anderson Ashcroft