First Alternative policy pledges £130 average discounts

First Alternative has launched a new product for women drivers, promising discounts regardless of age, claims and convictions history or the type of car driven.

First Alternative Woman is part of the joint venture between Peter Wood and HBOS. It claims to offer an average discount of around £130 compared to other insurers.

Jacky Brown of First Alternative Woman said: "First Alternative Woman has been designed to specifically meet the needs of all women drivers. We recognise that women are less likely to make claims than men, and as such, we're rewarding them through cheaper premiums."

The insurer is also offering a courtesy car, breakdown assistance, low mileage discount and 10% discount for online purchases.

As part of the launch, First Alternative commissioned research into the differences between men and women drivers.

The ICM study showed that:

- 63% of men showed a 'need for speed' against 30% of women

- More than half of women drivers think men are more likely to take risks behind the wheel than women

- 4% of men admitted to believing women should not be allowed to drive at all.

A separate report by Peter Marsh, of the Social Issues Research Centre, said there were evolutionary reasons for men's driving behaviour. Marsh concluded that men revert back to Stone Age characteristics when driving.

Brown said: "Our survey and the report prove what many insurers already know - that women are less of a risk behind the wheel than men. Despite this, there are few direct insurance products specially for women."