Poor service claims denied by electronic storage provider

Several London Market players are teaming up to complain to Xchanging Ins-sure Services that service is not yet good enough.

One senior Lloyd's broker said: "They have the best intentions, but Xchanging is really not up to scratch yet."

He cited examples, such as files being mislaid and policy signings taking too long.

He said: "Some of my peer group want to jointly write a letter or petition to complain, saying it simply is not good enough."

Another client complained that he felt clients were not given enough floortime to discuss their concerns at the recent Xchanging conference in Brighton.

But not all those in the market view Xchanging negatively.

A senior IT consultant said: "I think they are genuinely trying to give a good service."

He also noted that Xchanging had received a further investment of £50m from its parent, General Atlantic Partners, last week, so service should improve even more.

Xchanging managing director John Benjamin vigorously denied service was below par, saying that since September it had been meeting all its service performance levels.

He said he was also surprised by the claims, as Xchanging publishes regular statistics, in the form of weekly performance bulletins that go out to the market, explaining the situation.

Benjamin also said Xchanging would be launching a web-enabled file tracker system, using barcodes, at the beginning of 2003 so that files can be tracked easily.

He categorically denied the rumour that there was a backlog of 100,000 policies at the Chatham centre.

He added that the fact they were meeting service targets showed this was impossible.