A quarter of young jobseekers would choose insurance, says survey

A quarter of 18 to 22-year-olds would consider a career in insurance, according to research conducted by internet recruitment consultant Milkround Online.

The survey revealed that 5% of those surveyed said that insurance was their first choice option and a further 24% said that it was one of their choices.

A further 28% said they had not considered insurance as a career, but that they had not ruled it out.

The remainder said that they were not interested in working in insurance.

The survey was carried out at the end of April and is based on the 3,560 people who completed the questionnaire and returned it to Milkround Online.

Money was the key motivator for those wishing to join the industry.

When asked: why do you want to work in insurance, 21% said: "Because it can be very profitable."

An equal number said: "Because I am interested in this type of work."

While 4% of respondents said that they wanted to work in insurance because of the social image it carried, five times as many cited the social image of insurance as a reason why they didn't want to work in insurance.

Just over a third of respondents said: "I am just not interested in this type of work."

The survey went on to ask: are you fully aware of what a job in insurance involves?

Just under 20% said yes and 30% said that they didn't care.

But a whopping 51% said that they didn't know much about the industry, but would like to know more.