Forty jobs have been cut at Zurich, with most believed to be redundancies, following a restructuring of the insurer’s business change and IT functions.

The company said it was attempting to pursue redep-loyment opportunities for the 40 people affected, but some had been unsuccessful and others had chosen to leave.

A spokesman said: “This change is about redesigning a new operation aligned with the structure and business priorities of our UK general insurance business.

“This has meant entirely new job roles, re-skilled to reduce on reliance on external contractors and, in some instances,based in different locations more closely aligned with our businesses.”

The spokesman claimed that changes in the department, which delivers business change and IT services to the UK operation, have allowed Zurich to consolidate expertise and create a leaner, more operationally effective organisation.

The company would not elaborate on the new roles that will be created.

“In terms of new roles, our people will be first to know of developments here,” the spokesman said.