Insurer sees 50% increase in claims calls due to severe weather

Zurich has reported a 50% increase in claims calls due to the severe weather devastating the east coast of the UK.

The insurer’s loss adjusters and surveyors are on “high alert” and they have called in extra resources for the areas from Humberside down to the Norfolk coast.

Zurich head of property claims Mark Blanchard has warned those affected to “batten down the hatches”.

Blanchard said: “As some of the most disruptive weather in many years bears down on parts of the country and especially the east coast today we have already seen a 50% rise in calls from customers asking for us to help get them back on their feet.

“High winds matched with high tides are a potentially devastating combination and our overriding advice for people at home and at work who are facing this bad weather is to batten down the hatches and be prepared. We are advising customers directly via our claims app and also online to highlight specific precautions they can take. Much of the advice is common sense, but this is often exactly the sort of thing people forget in emergency situations and especially important for people who are preparing to evacuate their properties as well.”

Zurich has released storm protection advice to its customers to limit damage to properties.