What is there to complain about this week?

Patients in hospital casualty wards should not be exposed to advertising by personal injury lawyers, according to health minister Simon Burns, who has ordered health trusts not to allow leaflets paid for by such adverts.

The number of uninsured SMEs has rocketed from 8% last summer to 20%, according to an Aviva survey. The insurer’s SME Pulse, published last week, also shows that 29% of insured SMEs are not confident they have the right policy in place.

Biba has told the panel set up to investigate the August riots that its interim report, published last month, did not fairly reflect the insurance industry’s “enormous effort” to settle consequent claims quickly and efficiently.

Insurers will have one less weapon to combat suspicious claims, under proposed laws that cleared the House of Lords last week. Under the Consumer Insurance (Disclosure and Representations) Bill, voiding claims will be made harder.

UK product recalls jumped 27% in 2011, the second year in a row to see record-breaking rises. Research by Reynolds Porter Chamberlain shows 291 recorded product recalls last year, up from 229 in 2010, with the increase driven by faulty electrical goods.

A fresh media bashing for the industry – car insurance premiums for unemployed people are an average of 30% higher than for those in work, according to a BBC investigation.