The office today is busy, but calmer than the ABI property conference yesterday, where Defra minister Caroline Spelman gave a talk that ran up against Insurance Times’s weekly print deadlines. I spend a hectic half an hour after her speech trying to type out a news story on my phone with my left hand while taking notes on the ongoing panel discussion with my right.

I head over to Liverpool Street to see the speakers at the Knowledge Live, organised by my colleagues Liz Bury and Harry Cockburn. It was interesting to hear some Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department updates. Afterwards I go to the High Court with a reporter from sister title Pensions Insight to look through the upcoming cases. There are some interesting insurance ones in the pipeline, along with the usual smattering of sport, showbiz and contract cases.

I get up early and leave London for Leamington Spa to report on the sentencing of two Shakespeare directors guilty of fraud and perjury. The courtroom and the public gallery are packed with people expecting to hear the sentence, but they - and the judge - are in for a surprise. The judge has to adjourn the sentencing until July because one of the defendants had trouble getting a psychiatric report in time. Still, early morning starts are good for the constitution.

I spend the day in the office writing up stories and preparing for tomorrow’s press deadlines. It all comes around so quickly.

We get all the pages away, ready to start again tomorrow.