COMPANIES are deluding themselves that their fraud prevention controls are good enough, says risk management expert Steven White.
White, of business risk consultancy Control Risks Group, will address the Association of Insurance and Risk Managers (AIRMIC) annual conference on June 5 in Birmingham.
White will explain how companies can improve their fraud controls as part of his conference discussion. He will be joined by speakers such as US economist Peter Bernstein, The Times associate editor and economic commentator Anatole Kaletsky and corporate risk specialist Deborah Pretty.

East Europe
EASTERN Europe's rising popularity as an investment haven is creating new challenges for risk managers, the AIRMIC conference will be told.
Walter Schenk, from Australian company Eos Risq, says neither conventional insurance nor pure local solutions are advisable in the region.
He argues that the best way to
manage Eastern European risks is through international insurance programmes that consider issues such as good local standards, fronting, policies in local currencies and premiums/claims transactions.

New Ramp
ACTUARIES will introduce risk managers to the newly developed Risk Analysis and Management for Projects (Ramp) system at the AIRMIC conference.
Ramp, a joint project of the Institute of Actuaries and the Institute of Civil Engineers, is said to overcome the problems in present methods of risk analysis. It quantifies risk by its frequency, severity and the possibility of diversification.
The system will be launched by Axa Sun Life chief actuary and institute president Peter Clark and Unilever's UK pensions head Chris Lewin.

Stress bomb
EMPLOYERS who ignore the possibility of stress claims are sitting on a time-bomb, warns local authority risk manager Charles Morris.
Morris, who works for the London Borough of Camden, will present a workshop at the AIRMIC conference with Vizard Oldham partner Sarah Hamilton. It will discuss current legislation and court activity regarding stress claims, plus the practical management of the risk of stress.