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Fraud Analysis

fraud steal arm

Online fraud and cyber scams soar during pandemic lockdown but insurance for it 'fairly new'

A spike fraud and cyber scam in cases has exposed a new risk for the cyber insurance market, Insurance Times looks at what the industry is doing to protect vulnerable customers during the pandemic and why some many not be covered if they work remotely

data, home insurance

How data is transforming home insurance for a Covid-19 world

New data sources and data enrichment is helping the home insurance market become fit for purpose amid a Covid-19 landscape, where the home is so much more than a place to lay your head

data theft

Cyber Focus: Data exfiltration boosts ransomware risks with reputational threats

Brokers need to adopt a proactive role in assessing commercial clients’ digital security as cyber insurance morphs into a hybrid of preventative risk management services and responsive claims investigation to tackle evolving cyber threats

data breach

Cyber Focus: How can insurers protect themselves from cyber crime?

Industry experts tell Insurance Times what preventative steps insurers need to take in order to avoid possible data breaches and other cyber attacks where criminals are lured by the honeypot of stored customer data…