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Fraud Analysis

fraud, laptop

Briefing: Fraud red flag will remain for personal injury claims despite OIC portal launch

Personal injury fraud is ready for its next evolution as the countdown to 31 May continues

whiplash, injured man

‘Unintended consequences’ of whiplash reforms inevitable says MoJ

At Insurance Times’s first Fraud Charter event of the year - held virtually - delegates debated the ins and outs of the new whiplash portal

car insurance ,cmcs

Briefing: Will CMCs morph to adopt motor focus post-whiplash reforms?

This month’s Fraud Charter virtual roundtable unpicked how claims management companies could evolve following the implementation of the first part of the whiplash reforms in May – it appears there is still fertile ground here for the FCA to tend

pre-medical offer, settlement

Reform ban on pre-medical offers could lead to arrangements that aren’t ‘in the spirit of the rules’

As the government confirms that pre-medical offers will not be allowed for whiplash injuries after 31 May, Insurance Times explores how insurers may seek to circumvent this