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Ghost broker

Fraud Charter: Prevention is always better than cure

Educating consumers to stop seeing insurance as a grudge purchase would go some way to cutting fraud. But so too might be pointing out the consequences of a conviction


'Expect a major shift in fraud post-reforms,' former IFB boss warns

Jason Potter also predicts a “significant spike” in traditional fraud ahead of the implementation date next year

IFB updates technology

Automation promises better fraud claim detection, but do we still need humans?

Can an algorithm make spotting fraudulent claims easier, and by doing so does it complement or eradicate the human element?

Whole Table

Fraud Charter: No progress on the LiP Portal for months

Medco’s Susan Brown says Medco and the MIB is being held in limbo by the MoJ


December 2018 Big Question: What is coming in 2019?

The biggest names in the industry give their predictions for what lies ahead in the next 12 months

Mark Hudson

Five questions with: Mark Hudson, head of counter fraud at Horwich Farrelly

Mark Hudson, head of counter fraud at Horwich Farrelly speaks to head researcher at Insurance Times, Savan Shah to talk through what techniques should be adopted in the fight against fraud


October big question: Is the industry collaborating enough to combat fraud?

Collaboration is the key to tackling fraud - from keeping track of and tackling emerging fraud trends, to reminding consumers of the long-lasting and serious consequences.

Cyber threat

SMEs are waking up to cyber threat, but are they buying cover?

Small businesses now rank cyber incidents as their biggest threat after business interruption, but many are still underestimating their exposure and don’t have a plan in the event of an attack

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MoJ considering enhancing MedCo's remit as part of whiplash reforms

The MoJ published an update to its whiplash reforms plan this morning, and is seeking consultation


Insurer obsession with claims tables could disrupt fraud battle - Horwich Farrelly

The law firm thinks insurers could get caught up with their claims rates, thus stopping them from properly interrupting fraud


Social media proves to be the downfall for fundamentally dishonest fraudster

Allianz and BLM found contradictory evidence to a claim where a fraudster said she suffered from severe pain

Young driver

Millennials are main perpetrators of motor insurance fraud

Research by Cifas suggests the view of insurance fraud as a ‘victimless crime’ persists in the UK, with younger drivers increasingly likely to offend through fronting, leading to calls for continuing education from the industry

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