Lorraine Dillett appointed broking director for Scotland

Aon has confirmed the appointment of Giles's Glasgow boss Lorraine Dillett.

She will join Aon at the end of the month as broking director for Scotland.

Insurance Times revealed earlier this week that Dillett, who sits on the main board of Biba alongside Aon chief executive Rob Brown, had left Giles and was set to switch to the global broker.

Murray Cromer, area director for Aon's Corporate team in Scotland said: "Lorraine is due to join Aon as broking director for Scotland on 29 November once she has fulfilled any legal requirements as part of her departure from her previous employer.

"Looking at her extremely successful track record we look forward to her joining the team and building upon a successful broking strategy, and working on behalf of our clients with insurers to ensure they have the right insurance coverage at the right price."

Giles replaced Dillett with Murray MacAra, who has handed wider responsibility for Scotland and has been with Giles for around 10 years.