Top economist says euro is a 'very, very, slow train crash'

Aviva Investors top economist warns the eurozone is heading for a break-up, as desperate countries tear apart the troubled euro currency.

Aviva Investors senior economist Stewart Robertson warned it is highly-possible that one of the so-called Pigs countires (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) would exit over the next two to three years.

Robertson also predicted that one of the stronger countries, such as Germany, could jump ship.

He said: "One of the ways you can get growth is by not being in the eurozone any more.

"It is very real to talk about the possibility of a country exiting the eurozone.

"The picture does really look very bleak."

Robertson said the Irish bailout was a temporary solution that would only ease short-term pain.

"It is a very, very slow train crash. If it is to survive it has to involve some form of fiscal union,” FT Adviser reports.